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Reboot 2012.

Hanns-G Hi-221DPB Monitor Death

Chronicle the unexpected deaths of 3x Hans-G Hi-221DPB monitors.

  • Got 3x Hans-G Hi-221DPB monitors back in December 2008.
  • Use simultaneously for a 3x monitor system. Thus they each see the same usage.
  • Happy for almost 3 years.
  • One starts being flakey on power-up. The power light cycles through green-amber-off for 5-20 min until display activates. Annoying but livable.
  • After a

Unexpected Productivity Tip: Monitor MUST Show White

I recently had several of my monitors die…that is another post:

  • Noticed that old or alternate monitors have a creamy haze instead of a sharp white.
  • Remember that a common tip to handle fatigue is to look at bright light, preferably sun light.
  • After replacing old monitor with new one that shows sharp white, noticed I had more energy,

Review: WordPress Plugin: Ultimate TinyMCE

Developed as a replacement for the WP default editor.

  • WHAT
  • Conclusion
  • Quibble
    • I submitted the feedback form and

    WordPress Plugins to Review – Jan 2012

    When I get the time:

    • Actually a pack of plugins, many of which look useful. Review sooner than later.
  • :: Infinite SEO
  •

    Review: WordPress Plugin: Inline Editor

    Conclusion: FAIL but wait for updates.

    • It is version 0.7.6.
    • They do request bug reports and help making the plugin better.
    • I don’t have time to help them.
  • There may be sites that recommend this plugin, but they
  •

    WordPress How2: Hide Posts in Specific Categories

    Description: Make it so that Posts in specific Category are ONLY viewable to specific User Groups. 

    Conclusion: Role Scope.


    • WHY
    • Add CMS functionality by allowing only specific User Groups to view and access certain posts.
    • Hidden posts should be inaccessible to search engines, public visitors, and unspecified User Groups.
  • Plugins to review
    • Adds: Admin >

    Review: WordPress Plugin: TinyMCE Advanced

    “This plugin adds 16 plugins to TinyMCE: Advanced HR, Advanced Image, Advanced Link, Advanced List, Context Menu, Emotions (Smilies), Date and Time, IESpell, Layer, Nonbreaking, Print, Search and Replace, Style, Table, Visual Characters and XHTML Extras.”

    • Praise
    • Richer customizable toolbar.
    • Does <table> in a better but still half-asked way than the default editor.
    • Once you try it you will

    Thoughts on Traffic Monitoring

    Wondering how best to monitor site traffic.

    All traffic monitors I have worked with seem to always give WTF results. What gives? Shouldn’t this info be getting mature? When I play a tech expert, I can usually explain results using some reasonable tech jargon. But deep down I wonder if the data is really what it says it is.

    • WHY

    Review: WordPress Plugin: Relevanssi

    This plugin enhancing the WordPress Search application.

    Conclusion: Good. Should be considered core.

    • Extensive Settings page. Requires indexing. Modifies DB, lots of useful stats.

    Monday Jan 9, 2012 – 9 Things I Hate and 1 Thing I Like

    9 Things I Hate

    1. Browsers that display content over the web page.
      • This is a fairly recent trend. Both IE and Chrome do it.  So far I find that both will over lap the bottom of the webpage with their own intrusive content.
      • This kinda messes up web design when designing a fixed footer for a website.
    2. Adobe Fireworks: Does

    Monday, Jan 2, 2012 – 9 Things I Hate and 1 Thing I Like

    I Hate:

    1. Designing Responsive Website Layouts
      • There are tons of shotgun tuts but nothing with a comprehensive  strategy. I guess I gotta do it myself again.
    2. WordPress Editor: It deletes, changes, and inserts formating without control or undo.
      • I’ve got to find a way to turn this off.
    3. JetBrains PhpStorm v2: It is so slow, frequently. Open, wait 10min, start

    WordPress modifications

    WordPress v3.3 is still pretty ugly in aesthetics and GUI. Over the weeks ahead, I plan to develop a new theme, grayWordPress, with a robust base of bells and whistles. I will also need to develop a new plugin, WordPressXS, which will allow WordPress core features to be toggled on/off.


    Here are some of the grayWordPress features:

    • Header Options:

    Theming the Website in WordPress

    Template Requirements:

    • Quick, free, responsive css.


    Why I chose WhiteBoard (

    • Architecture: Less Framework, graceful degradation, widget/menu rich.
    • FREE, open source.
    • This article fulfills the attribution requirement.
    • CSS files = 8+6+3 = 17kb.


    What I need to do to make it work:

    • Disable logo link on home page.: Already there.
    • Remove+refactor .container.: Inconsistent context and complication.

    Welcome and Reboot

    • Never enough time to do it perfect.
    • Reboot the site for 2012. Moved hosting from ReadyHost to DreamHost.
    • Develop it in real time.
    • Content Expectations : Articles, Reviews, Tuts, Reference Tools, Downloadable Assets, code, fictional interviews.
    • Gotta be responsive layout…NOT mobile. Mobile is too limiting.
    • I am the owner, author, complainer. I prefer to remain madcream10 (anonymous) but I won’t